--paintings and drawings made using an observational rule.

Each painting was made by observing a space I inhabited. Some images were made very quickly, in ten minutes or less, for example. Other images took several months to complete. I did not construct the environments pictured for the purpose of drawing, as in the construction of a still-life, sketch, mock-up or model, instead choosing the physical acts of gazing and of drawing or painting as my content. I drew wherever I happened to be, so the spaces in these drawings are usually my bedroom, apartment or studio. I determined the composition of each image with similarly unconstructed method, starting to draw or paint wherever my hand happened to fall on the surface of the panel or paper and allowing the image to emerge from that point. Ultimately this method creates an image of the gaze as subject.

Home Type 1

mind room studio, oil on panel, 55"x54" 2019.

Red Room

Red Room, oil on panel, 32"x34" 2019.

Red Entrance

Red Entrance, oil on panel, 10"x13" 2019.

Show Studio

Show Studio, oil on canvas, 24"x36" 2019.

Sparkle Bar

Sparkle Bar, pen on panel, 13"x7" 2019.


home/mall/home/mall/home, pen on panel, 38"x44" 2019.


Lori(e), , oil and pen on panel, 36"x60", 2018.

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apartment, oil and pen on canvas, 50"x44" 2019.


Back, oil on panel, 24"x24", 2018.


Backyard, oil and pen on panel, 24"x14", 2018.