A series of Links and Images

to describe the relationship between drawings and images of html text

by Jessie Plotts


Chiam Soutine paints an image of a home. Outise there are trees and other types of vegitation.

Peter Schjeldahl of the New Yorker describes Soutine's work and life as underrated. The paintings pictured are of a "Carcass of Beef" and other dead animals, either prepared to be eaten or hung by nails on display as models to be painted. The beef is a red oval orb with triangular protrusions.

Sheep behind a fence.

Describing history doesnt add another language, but it does complicate the subvject matter of this project to such an extent that it precludes the sort of methjodoclogical approach I began with. To make my argument, I have to stick with images of my own drawings, unless I want to explain the long history of translation that leads from Soutine painting an image in 19something, me copying it as a teenager with paint, someone photographing soutines painting in a museum then printing the photograph as part of a museum catalog in 1960 that my mom buys for me as a gift in 2007.

Journal 3