jessie is gret

This journal should serve as a document of my intent to attempt to build a computer made entirely out of pickles and potatoes. I do this for two reasons: 1. this project will serve as an inquiriy into the material similarities between painting practices and systems of computation. 2. I recognize that the world of "tech" is dominated by a sort of bro culture. Rather than attempt to perform the type of masculinity accepted as indicative of skill and understanding in this sphere of knowledge, I will enter as a totally unskilled practitioner from another field. My attempt to build a machine with no knowedge, and particularly as a woman will be seen as absurd, maybe.
I have considered carrying out this project as a performance that would take place in atraditional gallery setting, perhaps as part of a residency. i think it would be interesting to publicly attempt this.
Brainstorming in process.

Journal 1