From my handwritten journal:

most interested in this work [Mez Breeze] because it deals directly with the idea of language, physical material, and representation. These are what most interest me about the internet and computing as they relate to painting and drawing. I think we need a complete re-evaluation of the creative process, especially as our means of representation become exponentially complicated, exponentially derived. It isnt just the means of communication that are controlled by machine languages and browsers and markup languages, but our entire means of representation, our whole meaning making system. Its so complicated now that it is impossible for one person to know the origin of representation and its final manifestation in something like an article written for the New York Times (with images and graphics) as it appears on my iphone through the news app provided for free after the purchase of a phone through verizon. The person who wrote the article has mastery over English, but has no knowledge of machine language. the person who built the phone has knowledge of its hardware, but no knowledge of graphics or their mechanics (made in Java?). The person who designs the appearance of the article and chooses its image has a knowledge of semiotics, but no knowledge of the mark-up language that produces the text and image around it. i have knowledge of painting, drawing, and writing, all forms of representation, some of which function as formal, standardized languages, but my knowledge of further derived forms of representation is extremely limited, and I am confused, handicapped and stunned by the lack of understanding or power I have over my informational habitat.

Journal 5