Jessamyn Plotts

Parking Lot

Christmas Tree, video documentation of performance. dimensions variable. 2017.

Victoria Saint, performative painting experiment. dimensions variable. ongoing.

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Jessamyn Plotts is an artist currently based in Dallas, Texas. Her work in painting, writing, drawing, and performance analyses the formation of the image in narrative, contemplative and embodied creative processes. Finished projects often connect paintings, writings, and drawings through performative action or thought expressed as language. She considers the potential of the body to make visible and deliberately slow the rate of sensory and perceptual experience in a landscape that moves on the basis of speed and consumtpion. Using momentary lived experience within the environment as her canvas, Jessamyn explores the new meaning of painting traditions, understanding the skills of observation and contemplation as the medium of relation between things.
In addition to her active art practice, Jessamyn maintains an academic writing practice. Her essays address issues of contemporary metaphysics as diverse as consciousness and media theory. Conferences attended include Beyond Vision: the Sensorium in Art, hosted by Southern Methodist University in the Spring of 2019.
In the fall, Jessamyn will begin PhD coursework at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, where she will explore the intersections of traditional philosophy, theory, and art with particular attention to reevaluations of feminism in a contemporary aesthetic context.





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Game Day

Get a free digital version of my book of drawings, Now's My Chance, which includes drawings made between 2016 and 2017. Click Hereto view the book.

Performance and Video


Works From Memory and Imagination

Some text... Home Type 1

Home Type 1 oil on panel, 55"x54" 2019.

Red Room

Red Room oil on panel, 32"x34" 2019.

Red Entrance

Red Entrance oil on panel, 10"x13" 2019.

Works From Observation

Some text..


poster pen on paper, 9"x12", 2018.


closet pen on paper, 9"x12", 2018.