Jessamyn Plotts is an artist and educator based in Texas. She re-envisions painting and drawing as physical tools that empower the marginalized body. Her works test the limits of the painted rectangle using a variety of media including video, performance and writing. Rather than dissect the traditional rectangular structure of paintings, Jessamyn uses the rectangle to ask larger questions about boundaries and what they are used to contain.

Jessamyn's interest in the image has led her to closely evaluate constructions of white femininity as they appear in art and pop-culture. She uses painting, drawing, and writing to dissect common tropes. Memoirist Cat Marnell, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus have been subjects of Jessamyn's narrative decompositions, as have the shows Forensic Files and Law and Order SVU. She is particularly interested in the physical destruction of the white girl body through abject sexual experience and addiction.